112th Congress Goes Out with a Bang -- and a Boo: January 8, 2013



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News from Coalition Partners & Others
I. 112th Congress Goes Out with a Bang -- and a Boo
Cheney-Bush “Unitary Executive” Redux?
III. Judge Denies Requests for OLC Memos on Drone Strikes
IV. Join OTG Staff on January 17 for CGS' "Transparency in the Obama Administration"

News from Coalition Partners & Others

TRAC Launches The FOIA Project

The Transactional Records Clearinghouse is harnessing the power of the internet to paint a clearer picture of FOIA lawsuits. The FOIA Project will organize, link, and index documents related to requests, keeping track of withholding decisions, allowing users to search and explore FOIA cases. The most egregious of the withholding decisions will end up in the Project’s “FOIA Hall of Shame.”

A New Name for OMB Watch

OMB Watch is now the Center for Effective Government, with a new logo and website that went live on Monday, January 7th. The name change is intended to better reflect the organization's mission: working for open government, accountability, and civic participation.

Sunlight Foundation Makes Recommendations to Open Up the of the 113th Congress

The Sunlight Foundation has published concrete recommendations for the 113th Senate and House to make big strides in openness. Sunlight’s Daniel Schuman writes that both chambers need to “adopt a chamber-wide presumption in favor of public access.” You can read the Senate recommendations here, and the House of Representatives here.

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