MIT Technology Review: Regimes Use U.S. Tech to Censor Citizens, Study Finds ( from Privacy Lives)

MIT Technology Review reports on Internet-filtering technology being used by countries to censor their citizens in Syria and Myanmar (formerly known as Burma). Countries such as China have been finding ways to block their citizens from Web sites banned by the government. There have been stories about the “Great Firewall of China” and how its citizens seek to circumvent the Internet restrictions. A couple of years ago, China sought to require censorship software be preinstalled on computers sold in the country; that effort failed, but the government continues to seek other ways to censor citizens online. In May, there was a report that “a powerful arm of China’s government said Wednesday that it had created a new central agency to regulate every corner of the nation’s vast Internet community, a move that appeared to complement a continuing crackdown on political dissidents and other social critics.”

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