Do you consent to federal-local Fusion Centers? by James WIlson via Downsize DC


Do you consent to federal-local Fusion Centers?
By James Wilson

Waste, fraud, and abuse reigns at the Department of Homeland Security. Would you be better off if it was abolished?

Now, a shocking Senate investigation on “Fusion Centers” provides further evidence of DHS incompetence or worse.

If you are as fed up as I am, I encourage you to write Congress. You may borrow from or copy these comments...

The Senate Government Affairs Committee investigated DHS-funded counter-terrorism Fusion Centers. Their report angers me. (

The DHS is secretive, corrupt, and incompetent. It...

  • initially refused to cooperate in the investigation.
  • let local fusion centers spend federal funds for unneeded equipment, such as SUVs and flat screen TVs.
  • does NOT know if it’s spent $289 million or $1.4 BILLION on fusion centers; WHAT KIND OF ACCOUNTING IS THIS?


Fusion centers are unhelpful...

  • Many lack intelligence-sharing procedures with the feds -- the alleged purpose of their existence!
  • They duplicate other federal/local programs, such as FBI-led Joint Terrorism Task Forces.
  • Not once have they disrupted or prevented a terror plot.



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