Washington State's Anti-NDAA Bill Introduced with Viral Support

Washington State's Anti-NDAA Bill Introduced with Viral Support


Emilie Rensink

OLYMPIA, Wash. — The "Washington State Preservation of Liberty Act" introduced on Wednesday condemns and criminalizes the use of the 2012 NDAA's provision purportedly authorizing the indefinite detainment of U.S. citizens.

After news of H.B. 1581's introduction caught wind, an Internet campaign went viral asking activists to contact their Washington state representatives to co-sponsor the legislation.

It worked.

In less than 24 hours the number of the bill's co-sponsors tripled.

Many believe the bill's success hinges on bipartisanship. While only one of the original sponsors of the bill is a Democrat, Rep. Sharon Tomiko Santos, eight of the later co-sponsors are also House Democrats, making for a fairly even split of nine to 12.

The sister bill in the State Senate S.B. 5511 was also introduced on Wednesday by Sen. Bob Hosegawa (D) with one co-sponsor, Sen. Maralyn Chase (D).

With this legislation, lawmakers strive to make Washington the fourth state to pass a law in response to the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012.

This state's legislation focuses primarily on Sec. 1021 of the 2012 NDAA to make its case.

The bill points out the ability of the president to use armed forces to detain terror suspects at his discretion.

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